The worlds first Crypto Collider

Crypto Collider + Collider Coin are a crypto inspired gaming / trading / crypto-coin hybrid system backed by instant crypto-currency payouts, the fun of the games and creativity and input of the players.

It uses an open source client-side physics engine to confirm game results and visualises the resulting 'GameChain' into an exciting new alternative to 'The Trading Game' that offers a higher level of transparency, fairness, opportunity, innovation and entertainment!

Crypto Collider is designed as a multi-functional system that provides a completely new way to leverage a coin's value without effecting its price, while also being a fun and interesting way to introduce each of the coin communities to each other and to the greater gaming mainstream.

Depending on how you play, the game can function as a semi-randomised hedging service, a way to leverage coin value, strategy for profit, or just because its fun!