Clint Jones
Lead Creator & Admin
[email protected]

Shane Hilder
Second In-charge, Customer Support, Sound & Graphics
[email protected]

Shane and Clint have worked together from 2009 leading a small creative agency delivering unique and innovative digital projects for clients including Australia's leading Banks, Insurance Brokers and Hospitality Venues.  

From the start of development of Crypto Collider in December 2013 to the closed beta from April 18th to now with the birth of Version 1.0. They are a strong and competent team core, dedicated to the diligent and successful growth of this exciting new system along with the technology and ideology of the greater crypto / bitcoin industry.

Lou Oseguera
Marketing & PR Co-ordinator
[email protected]

The newest member of the Collider Team, Lou is a valuable addition as the systems lead marketing, promotions and public relations co-ordinator.

Together we strive to build the bridge from crypto-trading
to main-stream gaming...