Four different results are currently possible

- Lose 100% = All of this wager is redistributed to winning wagers
- Lose 50% = Half of this wager is redistributed to winning wagers
- Draw = The wager is returned to the user, essentially a 'do-over'
- Win = The wager is returned to the user and additionally its proportion of all lost wagers are distributed to this user relative to the wagers value in BTC to all winning wagers in BTC (ie. if you had 50% of the total btc value that fell into winning hold, you would get 50% of the wagers lost into the losing holes).

+ Each game contains a maximum of 45 Wagers, or a minimum of 25 Wagers if 90minutes of wager time has elapsed.

+ Each Wager is a volume of a single coin type, represented by that coin's logo. There is a minimum wager value for each coin type, there is no maximum*.

+ Players use the mouse (or finger in tablet version) to determine the coin's/wager's entry speed, position and spin.

+ *Each Wager's Weight or Mass inside the 2D physics simulation is proportionate to its estimated value at that time. This is very important as it means larger wagers will be 'heavier', less influenced by smaller / lighter wagers and more predictable to their original entry trajectory.

+ Wagers enter the game in sequence every 10 frames in the same order they where received by the server. Each frame is .04 of a second within the physics simulation.

+ Once a game has enough wagers it becomes 'closed' and goes into 'confirmation mode' where all the wagers results are calculated locally on each players machine (WIndows Only) and then returned to the server

+ To prevent a game ever running for too much time; on frame 2000 the 'flippers' are spun and gravity doubled, and then from frame 3000 onwards gravity increases again and all remaining coins have friction set to zero.

+ Once a game is in 'confirmation mode' and has received a pre-requisite of identical game results (they should ALL be identical unless there's a problem); the game is confirmed, put into history and results paid.

+ Game fees are 5% of any lost wagers (approx ~1% averaged over all test wagers to date)

+ Crypto-Collider is an experimental service that is offered as is with no pre-condition or liability to damages as a result of its use.