The game is a 2D physics world with vertical gravity, wagers (coins) are dropped/thrown in at the top and collide with each other and obstacles until they settle into a hole at the bottom that determines their result.

There is no 'house edge' because players are wagering against each other, not the house. The game generates revenue as a service fee of 5% on all the coins that are redistributed via winnings.  

The physics are governed by open source client side software that creates an environment that is arguably more transparent and less hostile than traditional purely price based trading (and a lot more fun!).

In this way Crypto Collider is analogous to 'the-trading-game' / regular trading but with the laws of physics in place of order books and price discovery. Trading profitability is determined by accurately predicting (and perhaps influencing) price changes within the market environment while "Colliding" profitability is determined by accurately predicting and influencing the simulated physical results within the game environment.

See the RULES / SETUP section for more gameplay info and often the best way to learn is just to get in there, give it a go and see what happens!