Because Crypto Collider also works as a hedging device,
Its still possible to win even if most of your wagers are lost!

This scenario is actually a common and intentional side-effect of the Crypto Collider system as a players profitability and strategy is not only determined by their wagers value and trajectory but also its coin type and game selection - i.e. choose the right coins to wager in the right games and it almost won't matter what percentage of loses you have as long as its not all of them.

Essentially to use Collider as a semi-random hedging service, players should wager many times in small units repeated steadily over time in the coin they wish to hedge out of - because when you are not in a rush its a wise strategy to spread your wagers over as many games as possible to even out the high variability of outcomes within individual games.

This is in contrast to the player who wants to use the Collider system as an alternative to dumping/trading out of their coins who needs to do so in a much more immediate strategy - their results will be much less predictable although much more immediate (which could be preferable if the coin in question experiences a steep decline in the time it would take to make more wagers of smaller units over more games).