Top 10 Players Receive 18% of All Game Fees!

That's right in the spirit of decentralisation, innovation and community benefit paid every week, the top ten players by points receive a total of 18% of all game fees for the previous week in the following breakdown:

1st - 4.5%
2nd - 3.6%
3rd - 2.7%
4th - 1.8%
5th to 10th - 0.9%

Seamlessly integrated within the Collider Coin system these payouts are provided by the internal allocation of Collider Coin to ten place holder accounts for each of the top ten spots. Because of this the redistribution of revenue back into the system and its players is easily adjusted over time in a transparent and accountable process (i.e. top ten pay % may change slowly over time but revenue distribution will always be fully transparent and verifiable).

Your points and position on the ladder can by viewed via the 'Leader Board' panel once logged in. The ladder data is updated with each new game confirmed. Each game confirmation also awards one point to the confirming user and this is why confirming (watching) games has value and reward in itself.