Bitcoin's great, but what can you do with it besides buy and sell?

Its a common experience for a person to discover Bitcoin and the greater decentralised ideology and become inspired by its technology and potential for positive change. Motivated to be involved in the new economy, they then come to own their very own Bitcoin and of course the question presents itself... what can I do with it now?

Everyday this changes, but as completely new and innovative global monetary system, there's not much more you can do with crypto, than just buy or sell... So many people who come into crypto inspired by its humanitarian potential then find themselves in a hostile trading environment that is modelled on existing markets and dominated and manipulated by miners and those who have spent decades mastering their trading skills in otherwise unrelated but similarly hostile and volatile or unregulated trading markets.

Combined with the accelerated pace of the industry evolution, the task of successfully navigating the Bitcoin and Alt-Coin trading environment can only be described as incredibly difficult and high risk.

Crypto Collider by the way that it works and the coins it chooses to support, aims to serve as far less risky and more enjoyable alternative to trading for those who are interested in crypto trading/hedging but are without the time, inclination, skills or experience to avoid its obvious and significant dangers.