Off-load or accumulate coins without affecting their price!

That's right because the game is based on the laws of physics instead of market prices, it provides a way to move into or out of coins without being exposed to order book slippage or affecting their price!

It's a common and logical strategy for players to wager larger amounts of coins while their price is in decline as a complete or partial alternative to trading out of them (a.k.a dumping). Using this strategy players are assured to eventually off-load (i.e. lose 100%) of the coin they no longer want while likely accumulating winnings in a variety of other coins based on the current value of the depreciating coin without further encouraging that devaluation.

The winning players receiving these 'dumping' wagers as winnings may then quickly trade those winnings anyway but as the game strives to support only legitimate long term investments that should be expected to recover, the percentage of players using the game as a hedging service will likely hold all winnings and thus increasing the price stabilising influence of the collider system on the coins that it supports.