+ Crypto Collider benefits from all the existing security features of the leading exchanges that it integrates for coin storage and blockchain transversal.

+ All game data is transparent and withdrawals always for 100% of your balance in that coin; your coins are safe and really here!

+ Account details are secured via a completely custom and unique multi-server multi-signature security and audit system.

+ Crypto Collider continually monitors all user account balances with regular 30 second audits and halts immediately should any problems be found.

+ All user communication with the Cypto Collider server is secured via SSL AND a custom user key encryption system, you can not be easily impersonated even in the case of a full SSL breach.

+ All user login and password data is stored as irreversible hash values

+ Coins are split into separate accounts for risk reduction and performance benefit

+ Supplying your email address is optional and only required for certain features like game updates and notifications

+ The fast and reliable delivery of data is secured from Denial-Of-Service attacks via a global content delivery system that includes multiple high bandwidth servers in every continent.